Manchester United can see the mmogo August 18, 2017 5:04 AM

By : Mm

 British media "Mirror" news disclosure, Manchester United in Deheya on the issue to do the worst plan, once he left the NBA Live Coins team, coach Van Gaal will chase him in the Dutch team coaching deer Kruul, the player is currently in Newcastle effectiveness,Is a British race experienced goalkeeper; it also means that Deheya once left the team, Kruul and Valdes compete for the main position, then who will become Manchester United's main goalkeeper, it is hard to say.


Manchester United sits in  NBA Live Mobile Coins Old Trafford Stadium against Newcastle before the press conference, Van Gaal was asked when Bell joined Old Trafford. For this deal, Van Gaal did not give a valid answer, but he had to deal with the matter, "I will only talk with the CEO of the transfer of things, rather than your media." His words blocked the fleet Street reporter's mouth , But also make the Red Devils fans have unlimited imagination,


Bell will come to vote? Recently, Bell and Manchester United topic continued fermentation, on Christmas Eve, also sent a Manchester United offer 150 million pounds acquisition of Bell was released by Real Madrid news. A Spanish media survey shows that more than half of the Real Madrid fans are willing to let go of Bell; despite the fans to be seen, but the possibility of Bell from the Bernabeu is minimal


 British media "Daily Mail" latest news that, after helping Real Madrid won the World Club Cup, Bell has expressed his attitude, that is, he will not leave Real Madrid, let alone join Manchester United, Manchester United can see the  mmogo price of chasing Bell More like wishful thinking. Of course, Bell's move will not come to an end, the next period of time, Fleet Street will continue to stir the deal. At this press conference,

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