Manchester United hopes to buynba2k August 18, 2017 5:04 AM

By : Mm

 World Cup and the European Cup champion, is the world's football to complete the honor of the Grand Slam players. Valdes is about to NBA Live Mobile Coins sign with Manchester United, Manchester United on the 2nd goalkeeper Lindgard is left Old Trafford soon, the 30-year-old Danish joined Manchester United in 2010, Deheya just came to England to play disorders, had Once occupied the main position, so far the event on behalf of Manchester United played 30 times.


 Earlier, Manchester United manager Van Gaal had organized a team to watch Real Madrid and Barcelona, ??the Spanish national derby, it is NBA Live 18 Coins shocking that, except Lindgardard absent, which is also seen as a Danish goalkeeper left Manchester United precursors. It is reported that Lindgard will return to Scandinavia to find the next home. In view of this, Valdes joined Manchester United, will replace the position of Lindgard, rather than replace Deheya as the main force. Of course,


Valdes also have the opportunity to kick the main, the British media "Daily Mail" disclosure, Manchester United in the completion of signing with Valdés, will put all the energy on Deheya's negotiations, coach Van Gaal urged the club as soon as possible with He completed the renewal, so as not to be taken away by Real Madrid. In accordance with the current contract, Degea in the summer of 2016 will be able to leave the old freeaway players Old Trafford,


Manchester United hopes to  buynba2k increase the contract period at the same time, in the treatment also greatly improved, after all, Manchester United this season to reach the top three , A large part thanks to Deheya, Fleet Street statistics, he alone to help Manchester United more take 10 points! But in the face of the temptation of Real Madrid, Deheya can stay in Old Trafford, it is hard to say.

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