The rice grader machine can be used cleaner aspirator June 14, 2018 2:52 AM

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Apart from the versatile machine range for more or less standard grain and seed cleaning, china-zjlg also pays attention to special sorting tasks. This enables us to support customers in difficult cleaning matters for niche products. The rice grader machine can be used both as a pre-and after cleaner aspirator for the effective extraction of dust, glumes etc. Significantly as a pre-cleaner the Aspirator reduces the dust emission in stores and during drying and cleaning. Velvet roller / Sorrel separators are designed to separate the sorrel seed from the seed of trefoil plants (clover, lucerne). The separator also removes seeds from other weeds unless their surface is smooth and shrunk unripe seeds or seeds fragments. The cleaning unit is formed by twinrolls covered with velvet. 10 pairs of rolls are included in the maschine. Capacity up to 200 kg/h.
Spare parts for rice mill machine refers to the incorporation of the automatic feeding device, cleaning sieve, stone separator machine, iron roller paddy husker, husk separation, gravity sieve for paddy and brown rice separating, iron roller milling machine, iron roller polishing machine, broken rice grading machine, electrical control cabinet. Machine construction along with its main parts are complete can be seen in the picture below.
The mixture of seed (and inert material) to be separated is introduced onto the upper or high end of each pair of rolls. As they move downhill in the trough formed by the two rolls, rough seed are caught by the nap of the velvet fabric cover of each revolving roll and thrown against the shield above theTolls. The rough seed strike the shield at an angle and are deflected back toward the roll at an opposite but equal angle. Thus, they contact the velvet roll at a higher level along its upper arc.
rice whitener machine was designed based on machine vision and fuzzy logic techniques. Decisions made by the system resulted in a good improvement in the quality of product. It is recommended to use the stainless steel or galvanized iron in manufacturing of seed hopper used in planting machines, silos and storage containers with sides inclination of 40 to allow an easily sliding for the studied grains.
China-zjlg has a strong R&D team and independently design and develop all the equipment, welcome to leave a message.

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