Rice destoner are used for separating heavier materials June 12, 2018 11:20 PM

By : polisher

rice destoner are used for separating heavier materials like stones, glass, Metal etc. From food grains and other dry granular material.The principal used is stratification of the product into heavier and lighter fractions by forcing air through the bed of material.The vibration of the deck is achieved by means of unbalanced vibratory motor mounted at the center of the machine.The inclination of the vibrating deck and the stroke of eccentric motion can be finely adjusted to achieve the optimum degree of separation. A wide variety of deck screens are available to suit specific application. All adjustments can be made with ease and minimum of operator training.

Removal of contaminants from 'food grade' quality grains is of great importance in food and grain processing operations. A thorough understanding of the inherent granular segregation profiles on this processing equipment is a pivotal step in the design and development of more efficient processes. One such grain cleaning operation is the 'density-based separation' using a destoner. This process removes stones and other heavy material from lighter food grains using a vibrating deck and fluidizing air.

How the rice destoner works: Vibratory action moves material-high density, material settles to the bottom of the trough; Fines removal (optional) using drop out section-removes smaller particle sizes like broken glass or dirt before air fluidizer; Air fluidizing section assists in stratifying material; High velocity, low pressure air stream is directed through material flow; Material conveys into air stream – heavier materials fall through air stream to discharge chute

paddy cleaner is suitable for removing all sizes of impurities and stones from wheat, paddy, corn and oil plants. Reasonable design, small volume, reliable operation, low energy consumption, good cleaning effect and long service life.

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