Independent Innovation Of OEM Aluminum Die Castings Technology June 23, 2020 9:19 PM

By : wei

1. Integration

Traditional OEM Aluminum Die Castings only specialize in manufacturing castings, and the products are handed over to the assembly lines of integrated manufacturers in the middle and lower reaches. The manufacturing methods and technological processes are very simple. This kind of mode is still available under the conditions that the overall industrial chain is relatively simple, the final product assembly line is simple, and the total number of spare parts is small.

2. Application of new technologies

With the development trend of industrialization, the requirements for casting quality in various manufacturing industries are getting higher and higher, and the market demand for producing large and medium-sized thick-walled and thick-walled pipe castings with great difficulty coefficient is expanding day by day, which promotes the continuous creation of new production processes, such as vacuum pump aluminum die casting, high vacuum pump aluminum die casting, rapid aluminum die casting, ultra-low speed aluminum die casting and so on.

3. New materials

Raw materials are one of the key fundamentals of industrialization, and the application of new materials can usually lead to the upgrading of commodities, technological innovation and even technical reform. In the aluminum die casting manufacturing industry, the application of new materials is varied, including two aspects: first, the emergence of new alloy products, such as magnesium alloy die casting; Second, we should improve the secret recipe of the original alloy products, so as to obtain the characteristics that the original aluminum alloy does not have, and then we can develop, design and update products and apply them in new fields.

4. Crisis management

With the development trend of economic development, the market demand is increasing day by day, and the speed of commodity upgrading is also accelerating. In order to meet the market demand, the middle and lower reaches companies must continue to break new ground, which also makes the upstream and downstream die casting manufacturers have more varieties of products and fast changes, and clearly puts forward higher regulations on the crisis handling ability of die casting manufacturers. In order to improve the ability of crisis management, die casting manufacturers must improve their ability of product research and development, diligently enrich technical accumulation, and carry out standardized and professional management methods in product research and development.

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