What Methods Can Be Used to Detect The Electricity Leakage of DC Freezer May 21, 2020 1:07 AM

By : bai

The leakage of DC freezer may be caused by humidity, high air humidity, lower insulation resistance of electrical components and shelves, etc. It may also be caused by oil stains on compressor terminals and surrounding areas, which will also reduce insulation performance and form slight leakage. Insulation damage of compressors, electrical appliances, circuits and other parts that should not be charged are electrified and short-circuited with DC freezer body, causing serious leakage.

The screw connecting the ground wire is loose, the ground wire is short-circuited due to corrosion, or the ground wire is not plugged in during maintenance, which causes the ground wire to lose its function and cause hemp hand feeling. Insulation shall be provided between the internal coil and the shell. If the performance of the internal insulation material decreases, resistance will exist between the coil and the shell, causing the shell to be charged and the body to be charged through the refrigeration pipeline.

1. Voltage inspection method: use the AC voltage block of a multimeter (above 250v), one probe is connected to the housing, and the other probe is connected to the ground. If the voltage exceeds 36v, the DC freezer leakage cannot be used.

2. Resistance inspection method: use multimeter, one probe is connected to the lead and the other probe is connected to the casing. If some or all of the probes are found to be conductive, leakage is proved.

3, bulb inspection method; Connect the two wires of the 36v bulb, one to the DC freezer shell (where there is no paint) and the other to the ground. If the light bulb is on, it means the DC freezer is leaking electricity.

4. Compressor Inspection Method: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the compressor terminal and the casing. Replace the compressor of the same type. Low-temperature compensation heating wire leakage: the low-temperature compensation heating wire bulges, the resistance between the heating wire and the DC freezer is measured, and the low-temperature compensation heater is removed.

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