PoE: Keep Only the Good Crafts and Have Them Use Red Beasts March 30, 2018 2:32 AM

By : Aliceone

It’s crisply very nice if you put time into figuring it out but it is needlessly convoluted and I feel none of the testers gave it that time because even if you do it’s a damn pain to stay on top of some of the info like if you’re capping on certain beasts and cross recipe use. I’ve spent the last week trying to get more into it as I aim for 36/40. If you need to buy poe exalted orb cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.
The leveling recipes don’t interest me at all.
Chaining beastcraft is a pain! They need to let you do more at once or something or make it simpler to chain (repeat last button?)
running through the menagerie is bleh
orbs are too pricey. Cleaning bad mobs or selling therefore gets a lower cap and it’s not worth orbing ‘might sells’ but only ones worth a few c that will surely sell.
I’d like to see it in the main league if these are fixed though.
If Bestiary goes core, I'd want them to remove the yellow beasts entirely and get rid of all the useless "craft a rare" filler crafts. Keep only the good crafts and have them use red beasts. That would be the best way to implement it IMO.
I don't really care if it makes it to the core it will be like now, like if never existed; just some trash content that 1% of the ppl will play. You barely see the legendary rares and when you do you dont even know if its worth it to hunt the best or not cause there is no option to "bookmark" the ones you need or the ones with expensive mods.
At least you can go to the menagerie once in a while to craft a few shitty 1 alch uniques for the 5x1 vendor prophecy and some orb of horizons. 

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