Whenever your Dining Table Is a Work area September 14, 2018 9:38 AM

By : jineshpatel672

This round dining desk shares the area with a wall that’s partially covered with built-in shelving, providing room for books and other decorative items.
Suggestion: Store work supplies in baskets or decorative boxes, so your living area doesn’t start looking like an Office Depot.[url=]Abstract Painting[/url] They’ll make cleanup a breeze, as you can simply beat 
books and other items right back onto the shelves when you’re done.
 Contemporary Dining Room by Michael Fullen Design Team
Michael Fullen Design Team
Why stop with merely a few books? This eating room doubles as a full-scale library, with wall space lined corner to part with shelves.
Tip: A room like this, which is less official than your average dining room, is an excellent possiblity to mix and match tables and chairs.[url=]Large Abstract Painting[/url] 
 The wooden table will withstand the inevitable scuff marks from daily research projects. Upholstered armchairs, like the pair shown here, are suitable for dining and offer sufficient comfort for reading and working.
 Farmhouse Dining Room by KATE JOHNS AIA
Not really everyone has a conventional dining room, but in case you use your dining table for your entire meals,[url=]Oversized Canvas Art[/url] 
 it can still double as a work area. A built-in banquette combined with a laid-back pedestal table is ideal for getting projects done.
Tip: Banquettes, like the one shown here, can provide loads of hidden storage under the seat or in compartments below. Additional books and decorative items can be stored above on open up shelving. Just be certain the shelves are well 
supported, with brackets or anchored to the studs, so they hold the weight of the books safely.
If you work from home, then there’s a good chance you could possibly have to sponsor a meeting or two. If space allows, having a sizable dining table that can double as a conference table is ideal. This table easily chairs eight, and 
the built/in buffet station is a great location to store china and office supplies. This also offers a huge area, should you need to whip out a printer and other presentation materials while you meet.
 Eclectic Dining Room by Daleet Spector Design
Daleet Spector Style
For a less conventional meeting space, consider blending chair styles, as shown here, and throw in a bench for additional seating.
Tip: Fortunately, most dining rooms come with great overhead lighting, which is crucial for work. Consider having the lighting on dimmer switches therefore you can dim them when you dine. Having a floor lamp or desk lamp close by would 
be convenient for reading.

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