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Brief Introduction Of Properties Of Heat Transfer Film
Materials for making heat transfer film mainly include PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film, PET (polyester) film, PETG (modified polyester) film and OPS (oriented polystyrene) film, and their properties ..

By : Gete

0 5 September 29, 2020 10:12 PM
Sexpuppe kann vorübergehend Ihre starken sexuellen Wünsche befriedigen
Umfragedaten aus der ganzen Welt zeigen, dass die Grausamkeit und Realität der Gesellschaft immer mehr Menschen mit Einsamkeit und Einsamkeit plagt und die jährliche Scheidungsrate steigt. Die Gr..

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Waterproof Fabric Is A Unique Functional Fabric
Waterproof Fabric is one of the most important types of new high-grade fabrics. It has developed rapidly in recent years and is widely welcomed. At the same time, due to its high added value, vario..

By : xi

1 15 September 28, 2020 10:58 PM
The Artistry And Decoration Of Solar Path Light
People's living standards are gradually improving, and the design style of solar energy path light should conform to people's aesthetic and environmental art, which can have distinct cultural conno..

By : Jia

0 5 September 27, 2020 11:21 PM
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The Quality Of Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws Directly Affects The Cutting Quality
Tungsten carbide hole saws is the key to good performance of cutting ceramics. The quality of tungsten carbide hole saws directly affects the cutting quality, machine efficiency and ..

By : jeeja

0 6 September 24, 2020 11:22 PM
Stainless Steel Composite Panel Can Be Used In Coking Equipment
The base material of Stainless Steel Composite Panel can be used for all kinds of ordinary carbon steel and special steel. Materials and thicknesses can be freely combined to meet the needs of diff..

By : Jia

0 6 September 24, 2020 9:46 PM
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By : Jamie

0 5 September 23, 2020 11:30 PM
The Market Prospect Of China Die Casting Factory Is Optimistic
According to the survey data of relevant departments in China's aluminum die casting industry, important changes have taken place in China's aluminum die casting industry, including the development..

By : wei

0 5 September 23, 2020 10:45 PM