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By : Andrew

In the RuneScape universe you can choose from two different modes of combat. You should know some basic information about them to make your choice more easily. Let's begin!Legacy modeThis mode is for people, who are willing to travel back in time, return to the previous RuneScape(RuneScape gold) world and enjoy the old and legendary combat system. There are no abilities, adrenaline or combat settings. Legacy combat mode looks like the older versions of RuneScape - colours and textures are the same, it has the same design and skin. Worn armour sets are changed just a little, but you can see a big difference between prayer icon - it has changed a lot.Evolution of Combat (EoC) modeThis mode was released in 2012 and brought a lot of new content.


In this mode you can find new prayers, powerful abilities, new weapons, magic and ranged equipment. All monsters of this mode have new attacks, so they seem stronger than before.In the EoC mode you can find three types of abilities: basic, threshold and ultimate. Basic abilities are really quick and can generate adrenaline, which can be used to perform even stronger abilities. A little more damage is done by using threshold abilities, however it uses your adrenaline supplies. The last and the most powerful type of abilities is called ultimate. These abilities can cause an enormous damage, but will exhaust your adrenaline bar completely.Now you know a little information about modes of combat in the RuneScape game. It is your time to choose what type of game you would like to play. If you are looking for more adventures, more abilities and more modern game, you should choose Evolution of Combat mode.


However, if you want to enjoy old-fashioned RuneScape game, a Legacy mode is just for you.Make your choice and have a great time in the Runescape world!What do you know about staking?Staking is a process, when you are dueling for some kind of prize. And who doesn't like to get some prizes? If you want to start staking, you should know some basic things.First of all, you can't do staking wherever you want. There is a special place in the RuneScape world called Duel Arena, which is designed for staking. Of course, you can enter Duel Arena only to have some fun and to practice too.If you want to reach Duel Arena, you should know where it is.


You can find it at the northeast of the Al-Kharid. If you are not in the mood for looking for Duel Arena and just want to get there as fast as you can, you can use the Ring of Dueling (you should have it first, of course).To enter a duel you will have to choose what do you want - friendly fight or fight for the prize. However, if you want a prize, you will have to invest some money. That's why you have to choose your opponent really wisely. If you will lose a duel for a player, he will get sum of money, which you have both agreed before the fight.To choose the right person for the fight, you should look for a player who has a combat level similar to yours.


If you want to have more advantage against your opponent, you can try to find someone who has lower level of strength or hitpoints. To be sure that the person is right for the fight, you should go to OSRS HIGHSCORES (highly recommended) and search for your opponent's name.You should also know about the first hit and pid. When you enter the arena, you should try to press "attack" as soon as the countdown ends. When you have a chance to hit first, there is a big opportunity that you will win a stake of runescape 2007 gold.And the last tip is - be aware of scams while you are staking. Most of the scams are usually done in the Duel Arena.Good luck in your fight and have great time!

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