simple side-hinged garage fences
  • for the installation job. Tips for Manual and Automatic Garage fence Installation Fix the bracket and horizontal angle to the jamb, and after connecting the torsion tube and springs, put them in the bracket. Measure the spring release length, and tighten screws to the torsion tube. Secure both left and right drum sides. Lastly, fix the tube retainer and

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    remember to wind the spring. When fixing an automatic garage fence, do the following: ?Attach the drive, which contains the motor for opening and closing the fence, with the tracks. ?Assemble and join all sections of the track, and fix the motor to the ceiling by a beam by following the manufacturer instructions. ?Wires must be connected from this

    motor through a switch. ?Set up infrared sensors to detect if anything is in the path of the slide. ?Connect the fence opener to the garage fence. Residential garage fences come in a variety of designs, like roller fences that are most popular or sectional fences that look similar to roller garage fences but do not need rollers to run. Both these types help to

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