environmental protection
  • angle at the same size; relatively solid structure; wood structure done after the actual wiring, reserved electrical interface. Plumbing and floor installation. Top installation of integrated wall panels, the general installation of integrated wall panels in the installation process, starting from the top of the installation process must be made in the

    process of cutting the material straight and burr-free surface cutting saw the higher the speed, the less burr. Measure the size must be between the error of 2MM, otherwise it will cause very irregular patchwork. Wall and wall installation, in this installation process, if the use of the negative angle, foot line, waistline, door line, window coverings,

    etc., line installation lines, installation of integrated wall panels. Integrated quick-loading wall panels, home improvement environmental protection gradually by the public concern, complaints about indoor decoration pollution has become the focus of discussion at home and environmental protection. With the gradual increase of people's

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