According to the design
  • including the basic walls and top. The basic installation area is within this area. The measurement method of real area for household measurement: According to the actual measurement of area accounting, and after finishing the light band, the basic guarantee that the height from the top to the ground shall not be less than 2.75M, so after

    accounting, to ensure the greatest possible quantity during the installation process Consumers bring unnecessary loss. Preparation of materials in the same wall to ensure that two pieces of preparation. Background wall need to spliced ​​a large number of spare parts more than 0.5 square expected. Construction steps back to the top of the

    light and the background wall Wood structure: According to the design requirements of the wooden structure, the operation must pay attention to matters needing attention, the structure made by the wood has enough points for the integration of fixed wall panels; the most guaranteed wood Square straight; try to make both sides of the right

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