Wireless transmission technology is weak and weak
  • Wireless transmission technology is weak and weak

    The traditional wired transmission technology requires a wide range of laying of cables and data lines, or replacement of wearable chains, which is a tedious task, and also requires high laying, installation, and maintenance costs. The emergence of wireless transmission technology not only simplifies equipment installation, reduces maintenance time and downtime, but also increases system availability and productivity.Hot Sale S6720 Series Fiber Switch Huawei S6720 30C Ei 24S Ac

    Wireless transmission technology is used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, aviation, and military to transmit data and signals, such as temperature and humidity.For Sale: Used CISCO VS S2T 10G Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series

    1, the freedom of movement of mobile devices, the device is not easy to wiring

    2. Signals need to travel long distances across obstacles

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    3, the signal needs lossless transmission

    4, the transmitted signal in the dangerous area

    5, need to quickly and easily install the equipment

    At present, the wireless transmission technology in the market has gradually matured, and many companies are constantly introducing various wireless products to meet the diverse needs of different types of users.Huawei MA5608T mini Optical Line Terminal equipment GEPON

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