Solid wood floor scratch repair methods
  • 1, floor essential oil: If the solid wood flooring appears above the relatively shallow scratches suggest using floor oil to deal with the floor with a layer of essential oil floor protection, so that minor scratches will not deepen the discoloration of the place.

    2, polishing wax: If the solid wood floor surface film is not bad, just a little scratches marks can be polished directly polished wax floor cleaning. Polishing wax is mainly to protect the floor gloss, so that solid wood floor surface becomes smooth, so it will not scratch the place for more damage.

    3, paint: If the solid wood floor scratches more serious, the floor is damaged or exposed white film, available 400 sandpaper dipped in soapy water and wipe clean, to be done after the local complement color, color and dry after brushing a paint , Dry for 24 hours, polished with a 400 water sandpaper, then rub the floor wax for polishing.

    4, professional maintenance staff: If the real wood floor scratches more serious large area, then suggested that someone repair staff for solid wood flooring renovation or replacement. So with these scratch repair methods, you can restore the original appearance of the wooden floor in time.

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