Take good care of the wooden floor
  • The process of laying the wooden floor is actually very complicated, not looking so simple, this is us, after all, this is a big project, we looked at the wooden floor can be spread, but to go through a process to complete , Like before the laying of a layer of keel on the concrete floor, and then evenly sprinkled with insecticidal pills in the ground keel; then covered in a layer of moisture-proof membrane on the keel; Finally, the keel in the ground, moisture-proof Lay the film on the last floor.This is done to the wooden floor is also a certain degree of maintenance, this can also take some of the floor to extend the role of life.

    In the renovation of wood flooring this one also need to pay attention to, in addition to preparatory work done, there are late buy wooden floor, is also very particular about, like that also needs to be related to the style, after all, decoration is a major event, a lot of things It is necessary to pay attention, to echo each other, the decoration spent money, certainly hope that the decoration is beautiful and comfortable. At this time wooden flooring, in addition to the material selection there is the color and other convenience is the need for good research, the workers in the laying of the floor before the master, are selected after the floor, in the often used place is definitely need to be better Wooden floors and beds are not often used where there is not so much stress.

    Do not use glue when laying the floor, because the wood floor is the use of special nails, glue will lead to wood flooring deformation, the floor just renovated must be to the decoration company signed a warranty period, so easy to decorate the company to each need to provide decoration company later Warranty service, because the floor after the renovation arch arching deformation, this time on time to find the construction staff warranty just fine.

    Laying wooden floor is a fashion, is a modern trend, but the decoration also pay attention to many problems, in addition to the above to say, there is a very important is that the wooden floor must be prepared to moisture, in the decoration of wood flooring to do Well these, the floor shop will be more beautiful, so that there will not be repeated later this situation.

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