the civilization of the wine cellar
  • Ash is hi light, hardy, fertile and moist soil, fast growth, strong wind resistance, moisture resistance, and strong growth in moist, fertile, deep soil soil. Poor growth in the marshes, in the dry and thin soil, often form old trees. Ash is tough, beautiful texture, is deciduous trees, up to 30 meters,

    is the precious timber tree species in the Northeast, North China. At the same time, it is of great scientific significance for the study of the Tertiary flora and the Quaternary glacial climate. Follow the traces of years and experience the civilization of the wine cellar.

    Pursue the traces of years and months, experience the civilization of the wine cellar, read: Time gives the cellar to the soul, between the passing of the years, the accumulation of absorption in the process of Liuhe The essence of each wine is experienced with the experience of the wine cellar,

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