Floor surface temperature does not exceed 30 ��
  • Regular waxing and maintenance: the interior of the floor tends to keep a certain amount of moisture. Under the circumstance of heating and heating in winter, the floor will lose water and shrinkage, and the distance between the floors will increase.

    At this point, the floor marked with solid wax, locking the water inside the floor, can reduce the extent of expansion from the seam. However, it is best to consult the factory waxing before the floor, asking if it is suitable for waxing, wax and which one is the best choice: At the same time should be noted that the floor surface as much as possible not to accumulate large sundries and legless home, so as not to affect the floor cooling. Also do not put foam or plastic products on the floor, such items long-term heat, may produce harmful gases, affecting health.

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