must be taken to purchase floors
  • After investigation, mediators of Runzhou Industry and Commerce confirmed that the situation described by Ms. Zhang was true. After mediation by the mediators, the two sides agreed that the floor ridges that have already been installed should be retained and all the floors should be returned.

    Merchants will refund 17,000 yuan. Runzhou industrial and commercial staff said that the appearance of the skin is very similar to that of solid wood flooring, but its service life is much shorter. When consumers purchase solid wood flooring, they must be careful to distinguish whether or not the surface texture of the floor is consistent.

    with the texture of the back surface. Care must be taken to purchase floors that are particularly low in price and floor appearance and weight.Wine Cellar Construction Precautions Attention to wine cellar construction, introduction: The use of impervious flooring to prevent the ground from returning moisture and floating out of the bottom gas,

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