Floor gap gap
  • When the floor paving around the gap reserved for the lack of gaps will lead to the floor arching, use for some time, the friction between the sides of the floor will cause chipping. The solution is to re-install the local, leaving the surrounding expansion joints, especially the door, closets, balconies and other areas more attention should be paid to ensure uniform gap, pavement length of more than 8m should be cut off and bridge treatment.

    In accordance with the pavement specifications, the installation of wood flooring, especially in the geothermal heating environment, moisture-proof membrane splicing place must be sealed with tape to ensure that airtight. However, some installers did not strictly follow this rule. Moisture proof membrane splicing place is not sealed with adhesive tape. Moisture resisting membrane in some places is damaged during paving process, resulting in leakage of moisture on the ground. A large amount of moisture intrudes into the back of the floor. The floor is unevenly expanded and deformed Distort, so that the local area between the floor and the gap between the ground. The edges between the floors are rubbed against each other to cause chipping.

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