Waxing your floor tips
  • 1, remove the stubborn stains on the floor, by waxing the material itself and the air cut off, reducing the oxidation or exposure to harmful substances in the air damage to the material, to extend the service life of materials and beautiful bright purpose. More importantly, the mirror surface formed by it is particularly durable and can prevent detergent, scratches, rubs, heel friction and other injuries, while polished, the wax surface is more light and more durable and more resistant.

    2, the advantages of the floor wax is water scrub, maintenance of the floor effect is significant. Floor waxing If the floor to play flowers, you can use the wax from the water to fight the floor wax removal.Floor waxing is a more troublesome work, to wax must take the right approach, otherwise, excess water will adversely affect the wooden floor, so it is best under the guidance of experts or professional wood floor cleaning construction team Better.

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