ability changes investment
  • Among them, industry (blame report) ability changes investment to finish 55.93 billion yuan, grow 8.6% compared to the same period, take complete province industry 24 x 80 hollow decking (blame report) 57.4% of investment.

    branch line of business looks, does composite decking float Seattle partial consumable is made, smelt of line of business of products of treatment of medicine, oil, metalloid mine, nonferrous metal and pressure delay treatment information of course of study, equipment, electron makes roof sheet manufacturer in rosslyn the ability that waits for an industry changed investment to maintain rapidder growth.

    Among them, spin dress and dress line of business complete investment 290 million yuan, grow 129.9% compared to the same period; Line of business of lumber treatment and composite decking and heat sale wood, bamboo, cane, palm, careless products completes investment 1.19 billion yuan, grow 29.6% compared to the same period; Oil treatment,

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