wood flooring industry
  • flooring market. According to the data, it is estimated that by 2016, the revenue of the wood flooring industry in China will reach nearly 130 billion yuan. However, looking at the current wood flooring industry, there are still many immature development, the first is the industry output concentration is low, according to incomplete statistics,

    China's wood flooring industry has thousands of large and small enterprises, and have a greater brand influence However, there are only a few companies in the industry, and the technical level of the industry is low, deep processing of low added value, resulting in a lot of waste and so on, Chinese wooden flooring brands want more

    recognition in the country there is still a long way to go. As the leader of China's wood flooring industry, Shengjian Group said in an interview with CCTV earlier this year that 'upgrading is the only way for Shengli to transform from Chinese brand to international brand.' It seems the icon, in 2016, China's home floor materials has obviously

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