the solid wood flooring is the surface
  • Nine, do not think the floor available for decades or hundreds of years: the normal life of the floor is generally 20 to 30 years, although it is 18 mm thick, but the solid wood flooring is the surface, the middle and lower three, the surface Usually 6mm,

    the surface layer and the middle angle is the nail, that is to say that your floor life to reveal nails or mouth until the mouth, but this is enough, no matter how good the wood, your house life is not Will be more than 70 years, and some even for 50 years,

    second-hand housing do not say, and three generations to make a kind of floor, you can do it? Ten, do not buy plastic bayonet floor installation: its advertising can be very beautiful, but that is not true in Europe and the United States, the floor has not been useful for this method of installation,

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