floor plank core species
  • relatively high prices. As a result, many people turn to the second best, turning their attention to parquet. Today, for everyone to recommend a stylish, healthy and environmentally friendly flooring, bringing consumers a new sensory experience. 【Product Archive】 Reviews Product: Yangtze Floor Oak · Red dawn Product Type:

    Three-layer Parquet Model: YGX9210-G Specifications: 1860 * 189 * 15mm Yangtze floor oak · Red dawn YGX9210-G Overall black, the surface after Brushed, natural texture is white, black and white, simple and neat, full of personality. Reviewers touch the floor surface, clear texture, delicate touch, bump has caused, do not lose

    the texture of pure solid wood flooring. The floor plank core species is poplar and pine, the back panel tree species is poplar, the back panel is 3 mm thick. Poplar, commonly used in northern wood, its fine and soft, stable sex; pine by the United Nations Department of Culture as environmental protection furniture, after drying it can

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