furniture company punished
  • Because why is furniture company punished?
    According to reporter statistic, company of production of furniture, building materials is punished the reason has 3 kinds mostly, the first kind the commonnest, it is discharge to common outdoor wood plastic composite prodcuts atmosphere in producing a course of all kinds do not wait for harmful material via the harmful gas of processing, dust, or the index after classics processing still " exceed bid " ,

    disobeyed " byelaw of prevention and cure cheap flooring philippines of Beijing air pollution " , " law of prevention and cure of air pollution of People's Republic of China " ; The 2nd kind is without annulus before the factory moves evaluation approves go into operation of do sth without cheapest price on composite boards for decks authorization; The 3rd kind is to did not abide by relevant provision to undertake manage legally and dealing with to dangerous trash.

    Of the generation in craft of traditional spray paint " lacquer broken bits " , the industrial trash such as has used useless lacquer bucket, need commonly to be handled lawfully in outdoor waterproof bench and chair furniture production industry namely " trash " .

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