strength, but also convenient in its wood
  • approachable price is indeed brought by the United States to enjoy, elm furniture has a very high price. Second, the shortcomings of elm furniture 1. elm furniture is not easy to dry in the dry room through the strict dry elm rarely crack phenomenon, but elm is not easy to dry. Now the market for the sale of elm plate due to the cost and equipment has many problems, the wood can not get better drying, so the production of elm furniture is particularly vulnerable to

    cracking and deformation and so on. 2. elm furniture love insects elm has new and old points, easy to deformation, love the long worms, shrinkage is the shortcomings of the new elm furniture, and the old elm shortcomings are some places there will be old insect eyes, old crack, old Tenon eyes and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; The above is a small series of elm furniture, the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction, I hope to help you. To learn more furniture

    knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home decoration Raiders.Wood grain paper is a decorative paper in the Polaroid paper classification, belonging to the weakest wear resistance of a decorative paper. Paper painting furniture, what is the main point, what are the characteristics of construction, see below description. 1, what is wood grain paper grain paper is a kind of leather decorative paper, its raw materials are generally wood pulp kraft paper,

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