Floor waxing construction techniques
  • 1, waxing environment Preparation: floor waxing the best choice in the weather when the better, such as the cool autumn now. To avoid the high humidity in the rain and the temperature is low when the construction,панель высокого качества из пвх-панели the humidity is too high prone to white turbidity phenomenon, and the temperature below 5 degrees Celsius floor wax is easy to hard, is not conducive to construction.

    2, construction tools and floor wax preparation: a large area of ​​wax often use waxing machine, a small area is the use of dust or soft cloth and so on. Now many people also have a smaller size, lighter weight waxing machine, waxing when you can easily use. If there is no waxing machine, you can use dust push, soft cloth and other simple tools, do not look at the tool is simple, but the waxing effect is not necessarily poor, but may be more detailed. In addition,композитные пластиковые адресные бляшки you need to prepare the corresponding floor wax.

    3, finishing clean ground: before the start of waxing, the need to wax the area of ​​the furniture finishing, to determine the waxing area. At the same time also clean the floor area, to ensure that no waxing or other dirt before waxing to prevent waxing finish. Clean the general use of wring dry mop or soft cloth to wipe the floor,обзоры волоконного фехтования clean, you need to wait for the water on the floor is completely dry before waxing.

    4, waxing: shake down the container with the floor wax, and stir evenly. With a clean rag or sponge full dipped in the floor wax, not to drop as a standard. Shake and stir evenly on the floor wax,все лучшие перила имеют пластиковый шпон can be carried out in the first part of the trial, to confirm no abnormal after the whole wax. And then use a clean rag or special waxing dust to push the sub-dip dipped in wood floor wax, according to the wooden floor of the grain direction carefully applied, the speed should not be too fast, do not leak or thin thickness uneven, keep the thickness evenly.

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