standards for imported products
  • wooden doors. It is said that California enacted this regulation is mainly to reduce air pollution. The CARB-based 'Composite Wood Products Formaldehyde Standards Act' will significantly increase the formaldehyde release requirements for composite wood products such as hardwood plywood, medium density fiberboard and

    particleboard supplied, sold or manufactured in the United States. The bill will also guide the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Customs and Border Defense Agency and other federal agencies to revise the existing import regulations and implement new standards for imported products. Recently, Taicang Changhong Engineering

    Plastics Co., Ltd. successfully produced 25mmCPVC plate, at the leading domestic position, breaking the CPVC plate market has long been the monopoly of imported products situation. CPVC raw materials because the chlorine content of 63-74% than PVC (chlorine content 56-59%) high, the processing viscosity at least twice as high,

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