staff told the current
  • value-added services. However, the North Second Ring Road shopping guide staff said that this activity is only for the purchase of goods customers, only to provide the results of the product display, and other services shop is not yet. As advertised a high standard of the designer team, the store staff told the current does not exist in Xi'an.

    It is understood that the unified home in the country have hundreds of outlets, you want to be stationed in each branch with pipeline design, feng shui, garden and other related knowledge of professionals is very difficult, need to invest a lot of talent, money. A domestic franchise Europe and the United States furniture, with the strength of

    the background of the listed company's professional staff pointed out that the strength of the company in the country, even if only a dozen stores are afraid to have this strength, and the family want to do this It is impossible to achieve in the short term. Business and related departments pointed out that although there are many consumers

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