strict prosecution process
  • content deviation of more than 1%; In addition, other domestic fiberboard manufacturers in order to save investment in equipment, generally reduce the number of press frame, 20 to 30 meters press frame reduced to 15 to 16 columns, and Our 19m long Dieffenbacher continuous press is very suitable speed (maximum speed 850mm / s),

    while more press frame (19 columns), easier to control product thickness and flatness. The third magic weapon is the craft. Kyrgyzstan wood industry using vertical integration of the production management system to rotten the way of planting trees to ensure that the supply of raw materials, long-term, continuous and quality control;

    from the afforestation, Kyrgyzstan brand products throughout the Production process to the industry's highest requirements of the production standards, strict prosecution process, the real product quality of the stability, high degree of matching and security. The door is made of MDF board, and the surface is like the mirror-like, easy to

    " impact resistance wood plastic composite bench , Composite over plywood , how to make wooden storage bench with backrest , adding a perimeter board to a composite deck "

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