harmony is connected
  • industry jointly how be in harmony is connected, by Shanghai Shi Xiang of Yu Yan CEO is chaired. Forum 2. Group of oasis president Huang Guoqin,outdoor flame retardant furniture store national brilliance of the rising sun business of deputy total Li Xiaobo, Wei Demu estate deputy total Hu Canhui, Hong Weimu course of study deputy total Zhang Hui, Feng Linya, by expert of institute

    of industry of lumber of composite panel euro Collins states courtyard of Chinese forest division Wang Zheng is chaired. Forum 3. Wang Shen of president of Zhu Diankui of president of the Hunan president Liu Chengheng of the day, Xin Huamu cause, Sen Tongmu cause, wang Xijin of president of industry of timber of Ding Hai of general manager of industry cheaper to build your own fence of timber of Ceng

    Hongjie of general manager of golden sun board, set the prairie ablaze, bullion is collective from plank current domain sees custom-built household develop,horizontal garden fencing sale president of industry of You Yi yellow timber and round president of Shanghai blessing person 10 thousand by celebrate (electric business side) chair jointly The conference was

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