moderate, cumbersome, local decoration appropriate
  • general carved relief can adapt. (3) China's elm furniture to Ming-based models, modeling concise, smooth lines, elegant style generous. Ming-style furniture decoration moderate, cumbersome, local decoration appropriate. (4) elm heart sapwood distinction is obvious, sapwood for the dark **, heartwood dark purple. (1) through the dry room strict dry elm furniture is not easy to crack, but elm is not easy to dry, and now there are many elm plate on the market

    for the cost or equipment on the existence of many Problem, wood drying is not in place, so the production of elm furniture is easy to crack and deformation. (2) elm has new and old points, easy to deformation, love the long worms, shrinkage is the shortcomings of the new elm furniture; and the old elm shortcomings are some places will have old insect eyes, old crack, old tenon eyes and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; The above is a small series of old elm lacquered

    furniture good introduction, hope to help you. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home decoration Raiders.Elm wood texture straight, clear pattern, good wood elasticity, moisture, corrosion resistance. Carbonized wood is surface carbonized or deeply treated wood, the surface of carbonization. Old elm table and carbon wood table which is good, please see below. One, elm table and carbonized wood table which good

    prefab wood fence panels

    laminated pine furniture board

    wall wood decking tiles

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