Summer composite floor maintenance done in place
  • In order to use the composite floor for a long period of time, maintenance must be done in place. As the composite floor is made of active wood, a strong ability to absorb water,напольные покрытия на северной ирландии with the outside world changes in conditions, so the maintenance work is particularly important. Waxing should not be too frequent, in the pavement after the composite floor must be sealed wax, that is, regular wax-free composite floor waxing, an average of three months,белая стеновая панель обои mainly to protect the composite floor paint film to avoid the wet and wet climate Influence, while greatly reducing the composite floor of the shrinkage and expansion rate.

    At the same time in cleaning the composite floor, we should pay attention to keep the composite floor dry, not directly with plenty of water rinse, this will lead directly to the composite floor deformation occurred. For the composite floor of the skin care products,клеевые пвх-панели к стеновой панели to choose the appropriate composite floor wax, once only with a wax, if mixed with different wax will react to each other, so that the composite floor sticky dirty, the amount of wax should be appropriate.

    Composite flooring in daily life to frequent dust, usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often trampled place to be more diligent in the dust, with particular attention to the hall and leading to the outside of the aisle. In addition to the door can be placed in the dust pad, or at the bottom of the door to install dust, can effectively prevent dust into the house. At the same time,противоскользящие напольные деревянные полы in the mobile furniture, the need to be particularly careful not to drag the furniture on the composite floor, so easy to scratch the composite floor, so that the composite floor, large face, if the way to move the furniture.

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