Burke Family Links To Tragic Titanic Tale

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Read this tragic yet fascinating story about a Jeremiah Burke who at aged just 19 perished during the sinking of the Titanic - but Jeremiah left a message behind as the liner was going down into the icy Atlantic waters, a message which amazingly turned up in a bottle having been washed up on a Co. Cork shoreline near the ill-fated teenagers home:


"Jeremiah Burke [19] is the passenger fabled to have thrown a despairing message in a bottle from the decks of the sinking Titanic. Miraculously, the bottle washed up on the shoreline just a short distance from his home in Ireland just over a year later.


The message contains an unclear date which could variously be 10, 12 or 13 April 1912. The Titanic struck the berg at 11.40 p.m. on 14 April. Interestingly, an article in the Irish News, published on 20 April 1912, observed that very few authentic cmessages from shipwrecks had ever come to safety and ‘very many … are cruel hoaxes’.

Jeremiah’s grieving family believed the message found by a coachman on the shore at Dunkettle, close to their home, was authentic. The message reads: ‘From Titanic. Good Bye all. Burke of Glanmire, Cork’. Kate Burke, his mother, recognised her son’s handwriting. She announced that the bottle was the same holy water bottle she had given to her boy on the day of his departure.

Jeremiah Burke was only 19, and stood six feet two inches in his stockinged feet. He was the youngest of seven children who had all worked on the 70-acre family farm, and stated on embarkation that he was an agricultural labourer.

Two of his sisters had previously emigrated to the US and he was resolved to join them when a letter arrived from Charlestown with money for his passage. His cousin Nora Hegarty, from neighbouring Killavarrig, decided to accompany him on the expedition to America.

Jeremiah’s father William drove the cousins to Queenstown in his pony and trap. He reported seeing them making friends with another intending passenger, a piper identified as Eugene Daly. He survived, while both Jeremiah and Nora drowned."

Sourced – http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Faces-of-the-Titanic-Jeremiah-Burke-lost-his-life-at-19---put-a-message-in-a-bottle-before-he-died-146337625.html


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